Why Maintenance Matters

Maintenance is very important to ensure the longevity, and continued performance of any heating and air conditioning system.You wouldn’t allow your car to go for years without maintenance would you?  Well, heating and air conditioning systems are becoming more advanced and require periodic maintenance as well.


Don't Fall For It

If a company offers to “clean & service” a system for $40, what are you getting?  Well, every company owner knows they will lose money if this were truly the practice.  Think about it… the cost of the service tech, vehicle expense, gas, dispatcher & office personnel, taxes, insurance etc. These expenses can easily exceed $40 before the tech even gets to your home. So, to help ensure they don’t lose money they will: send out an inexperienced tech at a low wage, strongly encourage an up-sell on every job, charge extra for the actual “cleaning” you need to read their fine print, and pressure you for a new equipment sale. 

Time It Takes

It should take a technician anywhere from 1 – 1.5 hrs. to complete a thorough exam and cleaning.  Is it important for you to know what the actual output & efficiency of your AC or heating system is, or are you just looking for someone in a technician uniform to tell you everything is ok?  Does your heating and cooling provider even perform a true analysis?  If you just want to pay a guy to kill time, certainly go for the “low cost” tune-up.  Again, our goal is not to waste our client’s time and money.


With Dr. Degree°s, you will always get a Virginia HVAC Master licensed technician, performing a thorough examination and cleaning of your equipment.  Don’t waste your money with the cheap bait and switch specials others may offer.  You will likely pay more for optional services that should be included with a standard professional maintenance.

What we offer

Gas Furnace Clean & Check

  • log model & serial number if readable
  • check thermostat
  • check voltage readings
  • check electrical components inside unit
  • check safety limit controls
  • adjust gas pressure if necessary


  • check and set blower delay
  • check and log blower & draft motor current
  • check blower motor wheel and bearings
  • check and clean burners
  • check gas valve operation
  • check and log gas pressure in and out

Heat Pump/AC Clean & Check

  • check fan motor bearings and blade
  • check thermostat
  • check ducting connections to air handler
  • check and clean condenser coil
  • check defrost controls and check operation
  • check return air filters
  • check and log electric heat current
  • check and log air temperature differential
  • check electrical disconnect boxes
  • check and clear drain lines
  • check all electrical components inside of units

We also check for much more! The above checkups accompany our “standard service”. We also offer a “premium service” for those in need of a more in depth review of their equipment. So give us a call, you wont be disappointed!