• There are several questions you need to ask yourself when you hire a contractor. Here are a couple you may want to consider:

    1. Do they ask you any questions?  If we don’t know what you want, how do we know what to offer?  An estimator should always have a list of questions, in order to help create the best offer for you.

    2. Do they write down your responses?  This helps you and the contractor.  Planning is critical, and without a reference for details, the design may become less efficient because some details may be skipped.

    ​3. Do they measure anything and take notes?  There are many small details to a well planned installation.  A contractor must take notes or trust me, the details will become lost in translation from design to implementation.

    ​4. Do they use derogatory sales tactics?  A good salesman knows the competition in order to improve what they can offer.  A poor one will spend more time demeaning others rather than focusing on YOU, and your investment. Don’t get me wrong, a company has every right to compare their business practices to the mainstream, and what they’ve witnessed in the field, but striking at particular competitors is where a noble salesperson should draw the line.  The fact is, they don’t work for the competitor, and can’t provide exact details of how they practice.

    5. ​Do they offer you options?  Giving every possible system design will become very confusing.  This is why a contractor should take the time to learn your needs and discuss all of the details with you.  If there is good communication, you should be able to narrow down the various models and designs which suit your needs best.​

    ​6. Do they tell a lot of “fishing trip” stories?  Many companies will hire “professional” salesmen with little to no actual technical experience.  That’s right, many have never, or haven’t turned a wrench in many years. Professionals know that the appearance of “trust” will sell the consumer 90% of the time.  So, keep focused on the plan and details of the system rather than laughing about the good ol’ days.  This is an investment, and details are important.

  • We provide free estimates on new heating and air conditioning installations. Give us a call, and we will explain our process and provide a detailed explanation of the benefits of our systems.

  • The cost of heating & cooling installation, service and maintenance will vary by contractor, and quality of work performed.  There is no getting around the well known fact, “you get what you pay for.”  This especially holds true with trade type services, because of the skilled labor involved.

  • We do! Free thermal images are complimentary with a new system estimate. We will help you figure out where your heat is going. 

  • Yes we do! Check out our maintenance page to see exactly how we go about maintaining your heating and air systems.